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Duel Arena- Formerly a way for people to stake and win big or lose big. Still possible just crap today. Trading hotspots- Varrock, Falador, all of the first five worlds were RS gold always packed in areas for dealers, distinct areas distinct items.

I've only thought of a way to train more than 1 skill to 99 and in the same time make a fantastic profit from it, in my opinion. I am considering building a goal to alch 100k or more yew longbows from scratch and get 99 Woodcutting, Fletching, and Mage. The"provides" that I have to do would be as follows: 1 ). 2. Select 100k+ Flax - Spin into Bowstring. 3. Cut 100k+ Yew logs. Once I've gotten all of the supplies, I would fletch the 100k+ longbows and high alch that the longbows.

Following a job well done, I'll be rewarded with 70+mil and three 99's which is really excellent. I only need to hear your comments on my goal and when its a good goal, or perhaps if its an"In your dreams", or a"Your out of your freakin' mind" kind of aim, if you understand what I mean. Anyways please leave your opinions, and my Woodcutting level atm is 96 to get a yews/hour ratio. I don't have any clue how long it may take. Possibly more than 4 months... Hopefully not.

This Is the Reason You Should Beg

I am here to tell you the advantages from the begging. Well obviously its not gont be helpful at first but as soon as you locate a decent chap/lass things get better. Benefits: As you beg you do not increase your battle stats at all. Whats great is that you get variety and Buy old school rs gold you dont get bored as possible beg anywhere. By 99 years I can guarantee you you will get maxed typing skills, enough for turmoil, enough *money* for a yak(not charms), probly even extremes, pro gear, 99 mage and range deending the way you spen your money. You dont even need to get high leveled because most of your customers can give back massages if you are a pro.

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By Kin Gang
Added Oct 14


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