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I'm a Summoning tank, in desperate need of charms. They take too much time to get in my, and I really don't have any friends willing to lootshare theirs. So, I'm offering to cover (per Charm). I'd prefer if we can take action in the Chaos Tunnels, since it's all multicombat and has a wide variety of monsters. I would prefer to lootshare from the following creatures: Ice Giants/Ice Warriors - Easily one-shotted with RuneScape gold melee, very superior fall% of Gold Rush.

Moss Giants - Moderate Gold Charm fall speed, incredibly easy to kill. Fire Giants - Great Gold Charm drop rate. Giant Cave Bugs - Frankly not worth itover 50% chance of a Green Charm, but they are level 96. Fire Elementals - Level 35, adequate Crimson Charm droprate. Zamorak Rangers - Moderate Combat level, over 50% drop rate for Blues. Green Charms: 1k to 3k gp per Charm. Crimson Charms: 3k to 5k gp per Charm Blue Charms: 6k gp per Charm.

I'm on my way for a Magic Skillcape (untrimmed), and would prefer a proposed outfit. It'd be best if the outfit were below 2M, but suggest anything - It'll proceed towards my list of items to store up for. I do not need to worry about wearing the hood, but if you believe it goes well with the ensemble, just list it. Thanks in advance, guys. Additionally, don't hesitate to indicate quest items. Simply not stuff like Mobilising Armies Rewards:grindteeth: Really, I hate that Minigame. I've 80 Defence, 81 Attack, 88 Strength, 77 Ranged and 70 Prayer if that helps for armour availability. Present-day Suggestions: Runecrafter Robes, Trouble Brewing Outfits, White/Proselyte armour, Skeletal armour, Third age - Maybe if I get some luck with GWD:madsing: (White) Infinity Robes - I like this, and I'll likely use it. Time to save a few more Mil. I like this too, but it's somewhat expensive:-RRB- It would be nice to store up. Additionally, since the cape ain't trimmed, not so sure bout the hat.

I don't want them to raise the abilities to 120, this is pure speculation. Jagex has stated that Dungeoneering goes to 120 simply because they couldn't fit it into 99 levels, and that they don't have any plans for increasing the caps on other skills. Naturally, everyone is enthusiastic about if other abilities will get increased to 120. Although initially opposed to the idea, I understood that many skills are getting to be easier and easier to train, which might be part of the rationale for if they Runescape 2107 gold do raise other skills to 120. BelowI explore some abilities that might or might not get raised.

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By Kin Gang
Added Oct 12


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