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Toy Day is a gift-giving winter holiday in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version. It is a cute reindeer named Jingle. It will appear in front of your accommodation service building today for help. When you talk to it, it will give you the recipe for holiday wrapping paper and ask you to make three for it. Making a holiday wrapping paper requires decorations of every color, and you can shake the pine tree to find them. Once you give it three-holiday wrapping papers, it will give you a magic bag as a gift. It will also give y... more
Would you like to visit other people's islands in your dreams? What did you do with open dream ability in summer? Let me share my experience back then. First of all, I became a member of the Nintendo Online. When I started Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, I missed the software update notification, and then I could only navigate to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Launcher through the Nintendo Switch homepage, Select update, update to Ver.14.0 version. After taking a nap on the small bed at home, I met Luna wh... more
How about opening a coffee shop in Animal Crossing? You can enjoy a cup of coffee for 150 bells at the cafe at Animal Crossing, and regular customers will also get discounts. But the coffee shop in the village seems to be relatively simple, there are many beautiful props in Animal Crossing, and there are many types. Therefore, I want to compete with Uncle Owl who runs a coffee shop in the village to open a coffee and dessert shop. How about opening a coffee shop? First, use gold coins to buy DIY manuals in the store. If... more