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After it started the pursuit n survived the initial battle covering baba yaga n second fight defending relleka. Now im outta food only 18 rockbites n zero potion, therefore I have no choice except to go pause on RS gold the quest for time bein. 5 superb stat restore, 10 prayer pot, 30 sharks n 18 stone snack as well as my hand cannon, all go boo boo, nevertheless I still not able to complete the pursuit... waterbirth island is similar to a rs vietnam right here. BTW im lv 103 using 82 strength. Attack defend both 76 and 62 prayer.

In light of this recent spike in bot usage, I have invented a system of bot-catching techniques and tests to test to see what the likelihood of the participant in question being a bot. Some people like to navigate other pages while training, and I've taken that into consideration when devising my tests. Simply because someone fails a test doesn't mean they are a bot, but are more inclined to be one.

Walk up to them and ask "Are you a bot?" Most likely, you will find an answer, even if they're botting(they've speaking spiders now). However, there are still a good number of bots which don't react. To check to see if they're really botting and not just afk, ask them when they're banking or shifting trees/rocks. If the person in question doesn't respond, add 3 to the"suspicion meter".

If You're in the world of RuneScape members

Request them a hint question. If they are fishing, then ask their mining level. If they're mining, then ask their magic level, ect. ect. Should they fall for this, or don't respond in any way, add 1 to the feeling meter. Follow them about. Do they acknowledge that you are following them? Analyze their routine. Can they respond immediately following a tree falls or respawns? If so, add 2 to the feeling meter. Analyze their clicking. When they move bank their things, do they click at the specific same squares all of the time? If so, add 4 to the suspicion meter. Do something extremely wierd that brings attention to yourself. If the individual doesn't react, they are either afk or botting. Consider whacking them using an easter carrot, or throwing snowballs at them to see whether you can get a reaction. Otherwise, add 4 to the feeling meter. Assessing their score.

In case their suspicion meter is at Zero, They are most likely not a bot, but it is possible. In case their suspicion meter reaches 1, They're probably an easily-tricked human. If their distress meter is at 2, they are possibly a bot, but then again might not be. In case their suspicion meter reaches 3, they're likely afk or possess off public, but may very well be a bot. In case their suspicion meter is at 4, they're likely a bot, but you do not have enough evidence for it to be promising. If their suspicion meter is at 6 through 10, they're at very large risk for botting, but it is best not to cheap RuneScape gold jump to conclusions just yet.

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