Head to the forests west of the legends guild from Sunxuemei's blog

Head to RS gold the forests west of the legends guild. Read the notice. "DO NOT TOUCH! This tree is a special specimen! I shall come after you if you try to reduce it down!" In case you've got 20+ woodcutting, then you can chop the tree. Whenever you begin, a person appears. Hey! Can't you read the note? Where is your arm?

That's not very nice. Neither is robbing a guy! How did you know? Never mind. The question is, why did you get it? I saw the professor chop this tree down. He took some logs went north mumbling about some kind of shrinkbox. I followed himand seemed for the logs - I found nothing, but took some other things. And where is the other stuff? Why can I tell you? Since I might get it off you. Because if you don't, I'll kill you. Because I might get it off you!

Man: Too late! I've already sold all the items except the gall bladder to my associate on entrana! And you will never get it, because I'll kill you now! Because if you don't, I'll kill you. Bah! Two items -- number one, I have sold three of the items to my associate on Entrana. Number two -- that the gall bladder will never be yours, as you'll never be able to kill me!

Head to Entrana. Talk to a monk in the chapel. Do you know of a guy arriving here and selling some things to somebody. He is my...brother. 1 arm? Yes, yes. Try the fishing system -- it is where they traded. Thank-you. Many blessings. Visit the fishing platform on Entrana. Speak to"Almondo". I hear you're in possession of some certain items that I require. You believe I hoard the products! Really OSRS Gold For Sale wonderful. By now, they are already on their way to their destinations.

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