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The minimal set of stock items you need to get to the boneyard is nature runes that are only if you use teleport bracelets and choose a sand staff. In 891 a soda, you can calculate how fast a complete roundtrip needs to RuneScape gold be to collect bones convert them and stuff them in a basket. Together with 1 for nature runes 5 free stock slots for bones/bananas, you have 22 slots for baskets. Assuming that the baskets are filled, that's a total of 19602 gold each excursion. To beat flour for a moneymaking method, you have to complete the entire excursion in (19602/300) seconds, which will be 65, disregarding the cost of character runes.

Do I think I accumulate 22 * 5 bones can get to the boneyard and convert them in 65 seconds including round trip time, in to bananas? Probably not. This scrapes a money making source away. But. If I could find something which dropped a big quantity of bones (2-4+) which may be killed in 1 hit, then it becomes a definite possibility again. The search continues. Its a good backup plan if flour ever halves in value, however, or peanuts spike. All I'm really saying is that the search for efficiency can in itself be extremely fun, I or that have serious issues. Now I must go explore oranges.After playing OSRS and RS3, I've Got some questions

I only got back to Runescape a couple of days back once I changed to GW2 and Tera, after not having played around 2012. I never anticipated RS to scratch my MMO itch again, but one of my friends recommended OSRS. I installed it, and I am having a fun time so far! However, I was curious, since everybody craps on RS3 all the time it appears. I installed it, and it's currently blowing me away so far. The UI quality of life updates, the stylized graphics, etc. I pumped!

I hoped to get a few questions answered however. My understanding of Runescape is big based on the way it used to perform, though I never experienced members so I really don't understand what's different there either. Is it viable to play both games at the same time? Not log in at precisely the exact same time of course, but to play through and enjoy both of these? RS tended to possess some grinding components (though very gratifying ones). I really don't have a whole lot of time to devote.

Just how much does this game alter in comparison OSRS? When I was younger, I researched a ton of stuff about P2P even though I never really could afford it. I know where Runescape is different there, but just logging into RS3, I was in an area I had never seen before, and may never get. How unworthy does this make the F2P material if I were to get associates? This goes for OSRS. Can there be any point in me grinding woodcutting up high to earn money when I utilize those money and may get P2P making methods?

Are there any settings or anything that I need to Old School RS Gold know? There seems to be a lot. I have not got past the starting area, but I see all these windows concerning melee abilities, ranged skills, etc. Normally, I just click an enemy and they die. What all is? Like I said, I am super excited! I never knew Runescape could look like this!

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