Also is god team in general the best for today? from Sunxuemei's blog

Alright, taking RuneScape gold into consideration the cost drops of bandos it seems to be within cost range because of me. Is it pretty stable at the present rates or should I look at it? As for range is shortbow the way to go? Are crossbows no longer good or desired? Do you propose getting different type of weapons? At the moment I already have double wield Dscims from last time that I played with this accounts. Can I also get stab and crush weapons? If so what do you suggest. As for Whips are that they still favourable for the time being?

Also is god team in general the best for today? Should I never bother with adjusting to the magic weakness of mosnters (earth, fire, water, air)? Are prayer potions worth the effort/money today thinking about the nerf to shield from prayers? First, a few more general information: I have been told Dragonrider buys at half the ge price... but go for Bandos nonetheless. It's super cheap right now. (~6m for the Chestplate and Tassets)

Now, to answer your query about stab/crush/slash weapons, allow me to explain how monster flaws work with an example. Steel dragons are weak to Water spells. This signifies is you'll have the most precision with Magic (Water charms in particular.)

Similarly, if a monster is weak to Crush, such as Jadinkos, this implies melee is the most true attack style against them, and Crush is your very best style. Comparatively, Range or Mage will have lower accuracy. (Although at high levels, your equipment is generally good enough that there's no huge difference.) To conclude, maintain your Dragon scimitars, and don't purchase other melee cheap OSRS gold weapons. They will suffice for everything that's weak to melee.

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