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In the real world, time may feel slow, but the seasons of Animal Crossing are constantly changing. In real life, I am not sure what I want to do, but in Animal Crossing, I am very fulfilling and I have sufficient arrangements every day. For example, I extract the most materials from the rocks on each of my islands. Mining materials will involve a complicated process and I will have a lot of things to do. For another example, when picking fruits, I first shake a tree and then pick up each piece separately. Over the past few months, the Internet's interest in games has diminished, and a steady stream of new features and in-game events have given me a reason to continue visiting Animal Crossing.

I have to work on the island, very hard work. I trimmed the weeds, moved more villagers in, and started collecting small animals to fill the museum on my island. I sold fruit, earned it, and spent it on building bridges and ramps to make the island's terrain easier to navigate. This has become a small hobby that needs to be checked once a day. Over time, this small project is gradually established.

This method is difficult to play indefinitely every day. When you try to mine them, the rocks on the island will eventually stop spitting out material, and you ran out of fruit picked from the tree. You can continue to do some work, such as finding bugs and fish, but inevitably, you will encounter tasks that need to be completed tomorrow. This bold design often forces you to wait, while other games often entice you to play for only an hour. I played for hours without forgetting the time, I must keep in mind the day of the week. Sometimes because of time issues, I missed the wonderful content, I will be very sorry, but, fortunately, I can go to ACBellsBuy to make up for the regret, I can buy practical items at low prices to make up for the time gap, very good, To learn more, click ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.

This year is very special. This year, we had to stay inside the apartment, did not go to summer vacation, nor attended any Halloween party, and at the same time, we had to suspend our lives. I like this kind of life, the animal crossing is amazing, it has a unique way of killing time. In most games, time revolves around the player. When the game starts and stops, it starts to pass, and almost everything will proceed according to your conditions. But the Animal Crossing event takes place in real-time, so if it is late at night on December 19 in the real world, it will be late at night in the game on December 19.

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