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I feel like this might mean we'll be getting WNBA cards at myteam. Ideas? This is most probably just a glitch, I can't be sure but at a flow some time back someone asked Ronnie about WNBA players not being in myteam & he explained that they aren't in myteam this year but it could be something they employ in the future Buy NBA 2K21 MT. That is really an interesting quotation. The Lockdown and stoppage of genuine life Basketball has made them experimentation with content in the method of the College players, perhaps now they'll take the opportunity and find out how people would feel about WNBA cards without alerting gamers complaining about it for a while game cycle.

Who knows that could be potential, intentionally leak the images to check the waters how folks react. I believe they probably just messed up however like normal, but time will tell. If they do drop I'm unsure whether they will be dirt cheap because individuals won't wish to utilize them in lineups or insanely overpriced since everyone wishes to dunk on shaq and Kareem using Breanna Stewart and Candance Parker. Well the market crash we were all anticipating is not going to happen now. Their physicals need to be a lot worse than NBA players physicals. They've been doing everything but the token market upgrade.

I really don't have a thing against the WNBA, some people appear to get pretty angry and sexist whenever they simply hear about that league, but it does not make much sense to include WNBA players in an NBA 2K manner. It wouldn't be fair height wise and could be unrealistic and too arcady. Next thing you know we really end up with Troydan and Flight cards, good. In the event the college kids didnt make you guys uninstall than this shouldn't. These ladies are professional basketball players. And they had body up any of you on the court. Theyd school those college kids too. Participate or participate but dont threaten to boycott a WNBA launch when it's an empty threat anyhow. Some fans will be happy to see it, theres also some ladies on the forums. Let's keep it clean.

College kids? You mean the 6'8 demon PG or the 7'1 next greatest C in NBA 2K?. Theres a reason some cards such as chris paul, lillard, westbrook, trae, lin, and rose have been pretty useless. Not because they're women. Short players get bullied by the tall and out of postion PGs. Dont make it on the wnba man. I just dont need a launch of 6'5 and beneath lol. These remarks are directed at the sexist remarks and the multiple threats to uninstall NBA 2K if the discharge occurs. If you dont enjoy short cards dont buy themthey release one per week, it hasnt broken NBA 2K yet.

Love to see this post. If you're mad about the addition of wnba players inside this already completely unrealistic arcade game, I implore you to take another and research why it is making you mad. It may be an entirely innocuous reason like you're expecting for opal westbrook but it feels like some people are strangely enraged about the concept of women being added to NBA 2K, fantastic time to have a second and analyze ones internalized sexism.

Go to nba live for that. It seems unfair to place WNBA player with nba player because their not on exactly the same degree, although I will be fine with it if they are different or have their very own game style. No sympathy to the WNBA player they are the best female basketball players in the world, but they simply are not on the exact same degree as nba player and you also can't deny that nba2king. It'd feel cheap and lazy to give them god tier cards using 99 driving dip. And if 2K provides realistic cards to them they'll be unusable. If content or YouTube creators got cards I'd be just as pissed.

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By Amerzone
Added Dec 18 '20



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